Review: Love Lust by Tale of Two

Here at Musicvein we’re excited about the release of new single ‘Love Lust’ by Dickensian duo Gemma Rogers and Alfie Jackson aka Tale of Two.

Following their mini UK tour, final stop Kendal Calling Festival at the end of the month, they found time to slip in the release of this tale of carnality and craving.

‘Love Lust’ warns of the perils of lusting after another whilst already in a relationship, and knowing that if you leave to be with another, chances are that relationship will fall apart and you’re left with nothing but photographs and memories of what you’ve lost – a harsh but true reality in most cases.

I love the chorus which really hits home in the line “Hold on to love, don’t throw it all away, one taste of lust is poison to your veins…” with Gemma and Alfie blending harmonies and thoughts over a classical-folk melody.

Check out the link below to hear ‘Love Lust‘ in full

Let me know what you think?

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