Review: Death Wish by Zoë

Introducing LA based singer and songwriter Zoë, whose latest single ‘Death Wish’ is out now.

A feminist and advocate for people with Mental Health issues, Zoë’s music speaks out on the struggles many of us face.

New single ‘Death Wish’, produced by Taylor Wilzbach, sparks fresh conversation on the subject of ‘male privilege’ and how it feels for women to be socially undermined by men. Zoë revealing through song, that if men only walked in a woman’s shoes for a day – they too would resent men for their actions and belittling of a female’s perspective.

“…Say I’m over-reacting one more time, I hit you with my words make you cry…Say I’m too quick to blame and generalize, walk a day in my shoes you’ll resent you too…”

Her lyrics go on to apologize for not being numb enough to the effects of being belittled, for women feeling like they have to protect themselves from men – it’s a cry for social justice in the wake of the #metoomovement

Death Wish by Zoë can be streamed/downloaded from various platforms now


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