Miloš Karadaglić Returns with Symbolic Album – The Sound of Silence

Classical artist Miloš Karadaglić returns with his 5th studio album The Sound of Silence – out 13th September on Decca Classics.

Back in 2016 following the release of ‘Blackbird’, his cover of much loved Beatles songs, Miloš suffered a devastating hand injury which forced him to quit playing until fully recovered.

New album The Sound of Silence, so aptly named, is based on Miloš‘ time of personal reflection, healing and escape from the reality of not knowing when his injury would heal. Featuring Miloš‘ take on songs from Portishead ‘Sour Times’, Radiohead ‘Street Spirit’, Leonard Cohen‘s ‘Famous Raincoat’ as well as title song ‘The Sound of Silence’ by Simon & Garfunkel.

Take a look at the beautiful video shot in the bustling city of London. With people busy rushing around while Miloš, lost in thought, plays out his pain . Only in the last few bars do we see his sense of release and appreciation for life and being able to perform again.

The digital pre-order is now available! Click here The Sound of Silence

  1. The Sound Of Silence
  2. Sour Times
  3. Endecha (Tárrega)
  4. Moving Mountains
  5. Nana (de Falla)
  6. Street Spirit
  7. The Book Of Love
  8. Evocaciòn (Merlin)
  9. Famous Blue Raincoat
  10. Oremus (Tárrega)
  11. Solitude (Calandrelli) feat. Jess Gillam
  12. Canción de Cuna (Berceuse) (Brouwer)
  13. Nights in White Satin feat. Manu Delago
  14. Milonga (Pujol)
  15. Life For Rent
  16. Over The Rainbow

Let me know what you think?

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