David Gray: White Ladder Anniversary CD

20 years on since its release ‘White Ladder’ by David Gray still remains in the top 30 best-selling British albums of all time.

Recorded on small budget in Gray‘s bedroom of his then Stoke Newington home, David experimented with drum machines and electronic elements to create White Ladder – an album that would go on to spend 3 years in the UK Top 100 (2000 to 2003).

Now an expanded 20th Anniversary Edition of White Ladder will be released February 2020 on double-CD, 4 x LP and all digital formats.

The special remastered edition will include previously unreleased songs, B-sides and demos. Physical copies will be accompanied by a booklet by Gray detailing his experience and stories from some of the people involved in the making of White Ladder.

Talking about the up-coming release Gray says;
“It’s the 20th anniversary of White Ladder, a unique record with its own remarkable history. Jammed full with big, open hearted songs and flooded with a raw emotional energy. It’s an album that came from nowhere to steal the hearts of millions all over the world, completely transforming my life in the process. Twenty years on and it feels like White Ladder is just as alive for people now as it was back then – so to celebrate this milestone, I will be releasing a special anniversary version of the album and assembling all the original band members with all the original equipment, in order to take White Ladder out on the road and recreate the record in its entirety”.

Pre-Order your copy of White Ladder 20th Anniversary Edition now

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