Decca’s Search For Bing Crosby

Decca Records have announced a nationwide search for people named Bing Crosby, in a bid to bring them together for a once in a lifetime festive lunch.

There is believed to be only three persons living in the UK with the birth name, and Decca’s ambitious Christmas wish is to have them enjoy a 5-star Christmas lunch, with a special guest, at one of Bing’s favourite London restaurants. Each Bing will also be presented with a special commemorative disc to mark the totally unique occasion.

The Bing hunt is prompted by the forthcoming release of a brand new album entitled ‘Bing at Christmas’ with his utterly distinctive vocals being set to newly-recorded orchestral arrangements by The London Symphony Orchestra.

The album includes a special version of the song most synonymous with the season and the singer, ‘White Christmas’, which hit the headlines last month for being the world’s biggest-selling single of all time, but never having reached the UK no. 1 spot.

Vice President of Decca Records, Tom Lewis, says of the mission: “There is Christmas magic in Bing Crosby’s voice – he will always be THE voice of Christmas. When he sings, he brings us all closer together, and these new recordings have him sounding better than ever. When we discovered there were possibly three people called Bing Crosby living in the UK, it caused complete pundemonium in the office and we knew we had to do what we could to bring them together”

Let me know what you think?

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