Review: Mellow Baku Live at More Coffee

Mellow Baku & Jon Read @ More Coffee by Musicvein

More Coffee, a small barista house in the heart of Melton Mowbray, now serves up a special kind of brew in the form of live music.

Leicester singer/songwriter Mellow Baku was first to spread her cosmic blessings upon the house, with a blend of Jazz, Spoken Word and Roots music.

Opening with ‘My Song’, an autobiographical account of her upbringing, gave listeners a toe-tapping, momentary glimpse into the life of Baku, before she turned serious with next song “Wonder What it Feels Like To Be Free” aka “Some Are Born”.

Explaining that the song was written in the vein of Nina Simone‘s “I Wish I Knew How It Feels To Be Free”, Mellow touched on oppression and feelings of being trapped.

If you knew nothing of her music before the show, it became quickly apparent that Mellow is a musical activist, her songs making reference to the many social ills prevalent today; immigration, borders, car bombings and trafficking in ‘Turn the Radio Down’, while the flamenco tinged ‘To Keep On‘ talks of political agendas and killings in the streets.

But the night wasn’t all thought-provoking and deep, witnessing Mellow’s live-looping skills on the ethereal ‘Blue & Green’, gave the sense of a group of tribal women chanting spiritually behind her – this song literally blew my mind with it’s power.

One of my many highlights of the night though happened when, More Coffee owner and former trumpeter from The SpecialsJon Read, graced Mellow‘s tracks with the flugelhorn. His first appearance being on her cover of Tracy Chapman‘s ‘Talkin Bout a Revolution’ in which Jon lead a sweet solo interlude, followed by his improvisation for song ‘My Prayer’. The lulling horn and guitar duet leaving a blue aura upon the departing, happy and satiated crowd.

This is just what Melton Mowbray was missing, evenings of real musical depth for the meeting of eclectic minds.

I can’t wait for the next installment at More Coffee with Project Blackbird – Friday 29th November.

Tickets £5 are still available via their Facebook page More Coffee Live.

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