Review: Project Blackbird at More Coffee Live

As the end of the year approaches, and we’re gearing up for the next decade, Musicvein is looking forward to attending the final live gig of the year – Ka Safar – at More Coffee Live, Melton.

You’ll notice a pattern here in that More Coffee is becoming a regular haunt for original, and a little out of the ordinary music.

Earlier this month saw an appearance by Project Blackbird, a band whose music I’d describe as having jazz and blues undertones, interspersed with electronica chill and peppered with intellectual thought.

Setting the mood with an ambient jazz-trip, the quartet opened with ‘Aurora Borealis’Roberts and Read sending the room into a tranquil state before Varley and the eloquently-hypnotic Ming transcended the minds eye to the Northern Lights.

Now fans of bands/artists like Nostalgia 77, Bjork and Goldfrapp will appreciate Project Blackbird‘s style and depth – ‘Same Heart’ being one such song with which you either get lost in the bass or dragged into its murky undercurrent of actual meaning.

The racing beat and poetic swill of ‘Endurance’, as well as the motivational subconscious imprints of ‘Elevation’ were my musical highlights of the night.

It was nice to hear the band switch things up with a rendition of Bob Marley‘s ‘Natural Mystic’ which they recorded a few years back for the Teenage Cancer Trust – under their former guise of Bluebird Parade. Also ‘Driving through Norway’ – which gave listeners a chance to hear the bands roots.

You absolutely cannot beat hearing *Project Blackbird‘s album ‘Endurance live – if not only for the sublime musicianship but the thought-provoking spoken words which will challenge and empower.

The next band appearing at More Coffee will be Ka SafarFriday 27th December. Tickets £5 are available from I Want Tickets.

*Project Blackbird are Jon Read, Ming Nagel, Jamie Varley and Alan Roberts.

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