Sitarist Anoushka Announces the Release of EP ‘Love Letters’

Picture by Laura Lewis

Six-time Grammy Award-nominated sitarist and composer – Anoushka Shankar – has announced the release of upcoming EP ‘Love Letters’ due out 7th February on Mercury KX.

Anoushka widely known for pushing the boundaries of how the humble sitar is heard, has worked with artists like Sting, Herbie Hancock, Rodrigo y Gabriela, M.I.A and more, thus demonstrating how genre-crossing the instrument can be.

Her new EP Love Letters marks a different direction for the internationally celebrated artist; marking a shift in intimacy and content, and coming at a pivotal time in her career as she signs to her new record label, Mercury KX.

Love Letters documents a time of profound flux for Anoushka: health issues, heartbreak, domestic upheaval – “These were heavy shocks and challenges, things which pushed me into some very vulnerable places…” Anoushka commentsI’ve written from a personal place before, of course, but there was something particularly tender and raw about the process this time.”

Ultimately, the collection of songs on Love Letters are about more than heartbreak or loss; they pull from various wellsprings – nostalgia, regret, pain, hope – and mark a quiet metamorphosis for the artist. “They’re really about rising through the pain, rather than shutting down.”

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