Glasgow Free Music Conference Returns – Question Sessions

Glasgow Music conference – Question Sessions – returns on 8th February at The Lighthouse on Mitchell Lane.

Free to attend from 10am to 5pm, Question Sessions will feature workshops, seminars and panel talks – focusing on innovation, education and current issues.

Industry experts aim to connect with delegates, sharing knowledge, demonstrating skills and partaking in debates.

Topics for the Question Session 2020 panels and workshops will include the following, with more to be announced soon:

  • Performing and creating music for a living
  • Building a promotional and marketing campaign
  • Navigating the music industry
  • Everything is Music: Making Music from the Data Universe
  • Sensatronic Lab: An introduction to multi-sensory instruments
  • Understanding the live music industry
  • Make Money from Doing What You Love – How to start a business in music
  • KOR! Records Experimental Music Drop In Session
  • Exploring the Creative Process
  • Initiating change and developing the industry
  • Developing the Hip Hop scene

The following participants will be in attendance with many prominent names still to be announced:

  • Ableton
  • AIM
  • Chris McGarry – 432 Promotions
  • Circle of Live
  • Graeme Massey – 808 State
  • Help Musicians UK
  • Music Gateway
  • The Ivors Academy
  • Keith Harris – Motown Records, PPL
  • Music Managers Forum
  • Queens of Noise
  • Scottish Music Industry Association
  • Sharon Andrews – Shine PR

Tickets are available now at Question Sessions 2020

Let me know what you think?

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