iHeartMedia Investment in Artificial Intelligence Results in Job Cuts

In a Press Release this week, iHeartMedia announced it’s significant investment in Artificial Intelligence and company reshuffling.

This time last year the company announced it was on the road to recovery following it’s financial troubles in 2018, now in the dawn of 2020 the investment announcement has resulted in just under 60 job losses.

The PR released on 14th Jan read “We are now using our considerable investments in technology to modernize our operations and infrastructure, further setting us apart from traditional media companies; improving our services to our consumers and advertising partners; and enhancing the work environment for our employees…The company will also be using its new technology- and AI-enabled Centers of Excellence – which consolidate functional areas of expertise in specific locations to deliver the highest quality products and services – for every Market, enabling each to take advantage of the company’s scale and shared resources across programming, marketing, digital, podcasts, sales and sales support to provide a better experience for listeners and business partners and a more efficient process for all of its employees…”

The day following the announcement Rolling Stone Magazine reported that some employees (Radio Hosts) were laid off – with others taking to social media stating “The culling has begun.”

So is this the future? There has been some debating for a long time around the issue of whether or not AI will take over music jobs, is what we see the tip of the iceberg?

Let me know your thoughts.

Let me know what you think?

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