Chassol Releases New Single – Savana, Céline, Aya (Pt.2)

Photo Credit: Flavien Prioreau

French pianist and composer Christophe Chassol releases ‘Savana, Céline, Aya (Pt.2)’ from forth coming album Ludi – due out March 6.

Having previously worked Frank Ocean and Solange, Chassol is known for bringing the outside world into his music – quite literally!

On new single ‘Savana, Céline, Aya (Pt.2)’, the playground clapping game of three schoolgirls is transmuted, with words becoming chords and blending in the video with the images they evoke, featuring guest vocals from ALA.NI & Carine Chassol, alongside Chassol’s long-standing collaborator and drummer, Mathieu Edouard.

Let me know what you think?

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