Introducing StronK and Electric Dream

You may not of heard of him yet but Drum n Bass artist StronK is on the rise, and second single Electric Dream – is sure to put him on the map!

Poised for release end of February, Electric Dream sees a different direction for the keen young artist. Once focused and disciplined in making dark, heavy DnB tracks, this new found sound which meanders between light and dark, starts off pensive before opening out to a river deep of emotion.

Musicvein caught up with StronK to find out more about him and the track.

Musicvein: Tell me how you came to music.

StronK: “Well, I used to listen to a lot of rock music cause it was kind of fed to me, but the first time I really fell in love with music was a different story. I used to do a lot of gaming and I met a Dutch guy – you know what the Dutch are like for their dance music right – so he sent me an hour long mix and it had a load of stuff like ‘Pretty Green Eyes’ (Ultrabeat) all that kind of stuff and it literally was the first time I ever felt those goose bumps! I was amazed like, What is this? that’s when I thought I have to make this kind of music.”

Musicvein: So your music is predominantly Drum n Bass, what is it about the genre that attracts you?

StronK: “The 174bpm, the way it forces you to move like nothing else when it’s played really loud!”

Musicvein: And who are your influences?

StronK: “My influences are Noisia who has absolutely rocked the DnB world for the last 10-15 years – they’ve just split up though so it’s sad times. There’s also InsideInfo whom I admire. As for your more commercial stuff it would have to be Chase & Status and Sub Focus.”

Musicvein: Now tell me about your new track, Electric Dream

StronK: “Well, I do a lot of heavy, abstract Drum n Bass really and I wanted to do something a little easier on the ear. I felt like my ears had been battered by my heavy and dark creations – I just wanted to do something uplifting. So, the start of the track portrays a sense of uneasiness, and as the track progresses there’s some chord stabs that come in to progress into a sort of feeling of ‘actually things are great!'”.

Musicvein: Is the track ready for the public to buy yet?

StonK: “No, but it will be end of February. I’m just getting it Mastered by Dapz (Compound Audio) he’s worked on a few of my tracks before.”

Musicvein: I know Dapz, what’s it like working with him?

StronK: “To be honest, he helps out, he does less of talking like a business – although he is – and he actually cares. He’ll messages me out of his hours to mention/suggest changes…gives a bit of advice rather than running it through his gear and say “give me the money”, he’s patient.”

Musicvein: So what’s next?

StronK: “More music like Electric Dream cause I really enjoyed putting the emotion into it than smashing the hell out of the speakers. So future tracks will have more melodies you can hum along to – that’s definitely the way I’m going to go for the next couple of months. Also I will be releasing a 4 Track EP entitled ‘The Journey of the In Formidable’.”

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