Sophie Hutchings: Two Flames

Pic credit: Luke Dubbelde

Australian pianist and composer Sophie Hutchings is back with a new album, since her debut back in 2010.

Newly signed to Mercury KX, ‘Two Flames’ the first single from new album ‘Scattered On The Wind’ out April, is an indelible first taste of the album’s ambition, scale, and prowess, featuring Sophie’s long-time collaborators Peter Hollo on cello and Jay Kong on violin, while soprano singers Sandra Liu and Josephine Stark add subtle, choral-inspired vocal accents throughout.

Speaking of the new music, Sophie says, “I pour so much emotional energy into my music, I think that’s why I was so desperately shy about performing it when I was a teen. But I have confidence in my vision now – partly through experience, and partly through the relationship I have with my audience.  They’ve taught me to trust and believe in what I’m doing.”

Let me know what you think?

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