AI In The Music Industry – Should Creators Be Afraid?

Last week Space150, a digital agency in the USA, released an experimental AI music video based on Travis Scott.

The AI rap artist TravisBott, with song ‘Jack Park Canny Dope Man’, was a result of the Space150 team continuously feeding Travis Scott lyrics into a text generator. Eventually the machine started producing its own rhymes and melodies till the track was created.

Now, AI in the music industry isn’t anything new, it is after-all the era we’re living in but it leaves me wondering how this will affect those who live and breathe the creation of new music?

The effort it takes to pour out feelings in a way that will connect with people, creating empathy in the rhythms – could AI replace humans in doing this?

Will we see Robots take the number one spot in our charts? as they’ve worked out, through analytics, how to create the perfect connection to our subconscious – almost hypnotizing consumers into buying!

While the TravisBott track might have a catchy beat but be naff on lyrical content, I was intrigued to find out what others in the business thought.

Multi-Instrumentalist, DJ and Producer Flevans gave his thoughts on the track. “Honestly I hate it!” he laughs “But then it’s not a style of music I like anyway – the auto tuned vocal is just grim. This might be a threat to producers who write music with not much light, shade or depth but can it ever replicate something that really has soul? I can see AI becoming quite good at music which is quite formulaic – and it’s a bit scary, like something from Black Mirror!”

Flevans Facebook | Bandcamp | Instagram | YouTube

Jade Parolini, DJ and head of Milan PR Agency Willwork4funk, gave her expert spin on TravisBott. “I think it’s better than a lot of mumble rap coming out actually! Though I don’t think the creative act will never be completely substituted by AI. That being said, most music being made isn’t very creative these days so can easily be made by AI.

AI music and human music will coexist, just like good music and ‘cookie-cutter’ made pop coexist.”

Willwork4funk Facebook | Website | Instagram

Finally DJ, Producer and Songwriter Mario Saint, gave his verdict on AI in the industry. “Being totally honest, the track sounds cool but really is nothing special. It’s well produced, the vocals sound nice but the track has some weird sounds in it – I wouldn’t play it! Plus there’s too much of the same out there already.

I don’t think AI could ever take over because it’s more than producing and having a nice sounding song. You need that personal touch, people want to know your life – reality TV created this! Don’t get me wrong you might get a hit here and there, but that’s it just like any human artist – part Luck!

I DJ all genres of music from heavy drill, UK Rap to Hip-Hop and Trap – the fact I won’t play that song says it just won’t work.”

Mario Saint Instagram | Website | Facebook | Spotify

So it seems that while industry experts accept that AI music is here to stay, they’re not overly concerned of its effectiveness in replacing humans in the music buinsess.

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