Brooke Law Live Streams New Single Hunger

During these uncertain times where venues up and down the country are shutting their doors, artists are finding themselves out of work but their inner creativity still burning.

Artist Brooke Law found herself in this situation recently but instead of focusing on the negatives of her cancelled show, she’s turned the whole thing around and will move to Live Streaming in a bid to still get her new music to fans.

This Friday 20th March, 9pm (UK time) tune in to Brooke’s live show where she’ll feature new single ‘Hunger’ which is due for release on 25th March.

Speaking of the new single Brooke says; “I was inspired to write Hunger when trying to overcome my own OCD and figuring out where it stems from. I know a lot of people deal with similar issues, so I hope this song goes some way in helping others to not feel alone. I hope it encourages people to talk about it.”

As well as the new single, Brooke will also perform a selection of her other lovable songs which have featured on BBC Networks such as Asian and Introducing Essex.

So this Friday evening tune in as you are, no need for glad rags and dressing up. Wear your comfy sweats, grab your favourite tipple and chill/rock-out with Brooke Law!

Tune In To Brooke Law’s Live Stream –

Friday 20th March 2020, 9pm UK Time

Let me know what you think?

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