Shaun Escoffery on New Album Strong Enough

With new album ‘Strong Enough’ now rescheduled for release 3rd July, Shaun Escoffery talks about his creation.

Through his album, Shaun aims to fight the stereotypes associated with toxic masculinity by showing both strength and sensitivity in his music in equal amounts. He explains: “I grew up practising boxing and martial arts, which is an arena where strength, courage and machismo are encouraged. Where it becomes distorted is when a man is defined by these attributes alone.

As I have got older and matured as a performer, the internal battle of wanting to express myself through words and music contrasted with not wanting to come across as ‘weak’ has lessened. Men don’t tend to put our feelings down on paper, but I’m writing using my real feelings and real emotions. By opening ourselves up to show that vulnerability, that’s where we demonstrate our real strength.”

With the release of ‘Strong Enough’, Shaun hopes he can uplift those who may be enduring hardships, uniting people with the transcendental power of music.

The album can be pre-ordered through Decca now.

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