Eminem's Curtain Call – First Rap Album to reach 400 Weeks In The UK Official Album Charts

Released in 2005, Eminem’s Curtain Call – which for all intents and purposes was his first Greatest Hits album – went on to become a UK number one album for 5 weeks.

Since 2017 Curtain Call has not left the UK Top 100 Album Chart and has become the first Rap Album to reach the milestone of 400 weeks in the chart – a feat only 10 other albums have achieved!

Re-issuing nostalgics like ‘Lose Yourself’, ‘Without Me’, ‘Stan’, ‘The Real Slim Shady’ and of course ‘My Name Is’, the album brought delight to fans and drew in a new breed.

With 2.3 million album sales to date – 400,000 of them from streaming alone – Curtain Call by Eminem has entered the history books.

What’s you favourite Eminem track?

Find out which other albums have surpassed the 400 week mark.

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