Ted Jasper teases new EP Equinox with single – Heavy On My Heart

London based musician Ted Jasper released latest single ‘Heavy on My Heart‘ featuring songwriter and producer Alyss.

Taken from forthcoming EP Equinox, queued for release April 3rd, the single ‘Heavy on My Heart’ fuses chilled house and down-tempo beats with the opulent voice of Alyss.

Of the track Ted says; “I went through a phase in summer 2018 of making acoustic guitar tracks, it was all I was making for a couple months – playing around with harmonics and drenching it all in tonnes of delay and reverb. This was my favourite beat from that period of time and I sent it straight over to Alyss, we’d been sending a few emails back and forth about getting a track down and I felt this was right for her. A few days later I got a demo back and it blew me away.”

‘Heavy on My Heart’ is available to stream and download now.

Let me know what you think?

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