Honne and The Holy Grail of Swoon-worthy Material

“Somebody get me a shrink for 2020 cause bout that time I’m gonna be crazy!” they sang in 2018 but no one could have imagined that Honne‘s song ‘Shrink’ from album ‘Love Me/Love Me Not’, would become so poignant now.

Following an almost two year agonizing wait, the duo (Andy Clutterbuck and James Hatcher) are back with new single ‘No Song Without You’.

Now to understand Honne and their music, you have to understand the meaning of the word. To be ‘Honne’ in Japanese culture means to show your true feelings and real self, something often reserved for people in your ‘Uchi’ or inner circle so to speak. The opposite of this being ‘Tatemae’ and putting on a facade to the ‘Soto’ outside world/people you don’t know – still with me? good.

Well Honne, as their name suggests, lay it all on the line when it comes to the muddled and murky depths of the male mind. Male bravado pushed to the side, these Eros guys are literally the holy-grail of swoon-worthy material.

If you’re confused about your feelings, Honne have a song for that ‘Someone Loves You’. Feeling like you met the one in a bar/club and don’t know how to tell them? ‘Just Dance’. Feeling brave and want to seize the opportunity to get the girl? ‘It Aint Wrong Loving You’, New love? – ‘Day One’ and when you just click – ‘This Feels So Good’.

New dream-pop offering ‘No Song Without You’, along with Andy’s mellifluous voice, sums up just what it means to have a strong woman by your side in three short sentences.

So if you just don’t know how to put your feelings out there, downloading and sending a Honne track to your beau or potential love interest is sure to have them like putty in your hands.

Let me know what you think?

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