Ibiza Rocks Returns

Ibiza have confirmed that international tourists will be allowed to visit this summer – so from 1st July Ibiza Rocks will return!

The challenges caused by Covid-19 means Ibiza Rocks – the youth travel brand – has had to adapt the venue and its operations to comply with new safety and social-distancing measures and will launch the Poolside Sessions featuring DJ sets. 

Andy McKay, co-founder & CEO, Ibiza Rocks Group said: “Like everyone in recent months, Ibiza Rocks’ customers, whose risk profile is lower than most, have sacrificed their personal freedom massively. We are hugely passionate about youth and it is this generation that will be largely left to pay the enduring cost of this crisis and our customers will be amongst those that must live with the short, medium and long term consequences.

Our youth audience are uniquely positioned to help kickstart the airline industry and in the process let their hair down and have some much deserved and needed fun, whilst taking advantage of some of the cheapest flight and hotel prices they may ever see. 

As a well-established, open-air day venue, Ibiza Rocks provides one of the safest environments to party in Ibiza and given the island is opening up to international tourism, we are going to do everything in our power to provide entertainment with real world social interaction and community, whilst creatively maintaining physical distancing between elective friendship groups. We simply can’t wait to welcome people back to our wonderful island for lots of sunshine and good times with us this summer.”

Let me know what you think?

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