Review: Wreck by Yarlie

Musicvein just loves it when a new artist bursts onto the scene with an air of desolation, and if you thought Miley had the wrecking ball, watch out for Yarlie and new single ‘Wreck’.

‘Wreck’ and its euphoric 808 blending with synth soundscapes, turns even the meekest natured to a full on bad b@#*h!

Explaining that the song is about our inability to keep promises not to call someone after saying “this is your last chance” – yeah you know what she means!

“You know those promises you give yourself? ‘I’m not gonna call’, ‘This time I mean it’, ‘Never again’ – those promises? ‘Wreck’ is a song about those promises, and the inability to keep them at 2 in the morning” – Yarlie

‘Wreck’ the single is available to buy, download or stream on all platforms.

Listen to this track and more at Amazon Music Unlimited – free for 30 days.

Let me know what you think?

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