BTS Fans try to cheat Spotify

Spotify have penalized BTS’ latest streaming stats by discrediting near 10M plays.

Following the release of latest BTS single ‘Butter’, fans quickly played the track on repeat resulting in the group breaking Spotify day one streaming records with a staggering 20.9million global plays. Spotify then reduced this figure to around 11million.

Spotify claim that the official figures they release are generated using a formula that protects against artificial inflation, furthermore only the first 10 plays in 24hrs by a user will be chart-eligible and so in BTS fans playing the song on repeat, this resulted in the band being penalized.


  1. Makes no sense. If fans are playing a song, it should count. It’s totally normal to replay a song you like. Spotify is once again cheating artists of their deserved royalties, but now they’re blaming fans? Spotify says each unique listener streamed the song an average of 6 times in one day so they cut almost half of them? Like I said, makes no sense unless Spotify is just trying to cheat BTS. The author of this article also seems to be against BTS and blaming fans without giving any actual facts.


    1. I see no harm in replaying a song over and over, I’ve done it myself, however it has been known for fans (not just of BTS) to set a song on repeat and leave it playing on a loop to improve a songs ratings. This is why Spotify are trying to stamp this out through their algorithms.
      I mean how many times can you play one song on repeat for without eventually feeling tired of it? 4/5 times in a row?
      I really am not against BTS at all, I do quite like their songs and have written other articles about them in the past, it’s just the highlighting of this situation that seems to have thrown them/their fans in a negative light.

      Thanks for stopping by, reading and commenting on my article though, I really do appreciate the feedback and your opinion – Musicvein


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