Jose James Hurt During Soundcheck

Singer Jose James, currently touring the caribbean island of Curacao, was injured during a soundcheck forcing him to cancel his show.

Jose, who has been touring non-stop since the release of his album this year, ‘No Beginning No End’ is doing well but waiting to hear from specialists as to the extent of his injuries. Here’s what he had to say about the incident;

“During my soundcheck an engineer opened a channel of extremely loud white noise directly into my stage monitors. The shock + pain in my ears was excruciating + I immediately lost my hearing as well as my sense of balance. My inner ears have been damaged, to what extent I don’t know yet. I went directly to an ENT doctor last night + am under his care now doing more testing. Obviously this is every musicians nightmare but I’m staying strong! Thank u all for your thoughts + prayers I really appreciate it!”

Musicvein and readers Wish you a speedy recovery Jose!Image

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