Forget Rock The Casbah – last week it was all about Rock the Scala with Jose James performing at the former cinema near Kings Cross, London. For those in any doubt as to whether or not the album ‘While You Were Sleeping’ was a ‘grower’ or not – James firmly set reassurance in their minds […]

Jose James returns to London 10th June 2014 sees the release of Jose James 5th studio album ‘While You Were Sleeping’ and 7th July 2014 he brings that album to an audience near you! Club Scala – London! “This album is a synthesis of everything I love about music,” says José, “from contemporary artists like […]

Jose James celebrates his 36th birthday today and is set to perform at the annual BAM (Brooklyn Academy of Music) tribute to Dr Martin Luther King jr, see here for more details. 2013 was a whirlwind year for James which saw him touring most of the world with his album ‘No Beginning, No End’ – […]

Singer Jose James, currently touring the caribbean island of Curacao, was injured during a soundcheck forcing him to cancel his show.Jose, who has been touring non-stop since the release of his album this year, ‘No Beginning No End’ is doing well but waiting to hear from specialists as to the extent of his injuries. Here’s […]

Its been a while since I’ve listened to an album with such deeply-emotive music and messages that all I’ve wanted to do was lay back, close my eyes and feel my spirit transcend to the sound. That’s exactly what ‘No Beginning No End’ by José James will do. It’s the mildly hypnotic dulcet of José, the […]