Melody Gardot Remembers Emmett Till with Preacherman

 …inspired by the story of Emmett Till…the song also begs the question

“How many times do we have to repeat ourselves before we learn from our mistakes?”


Melody Gardot has just released a hard-hitting video to accompany song ‘Preacherman’ from her forth-coming album ‘Currency of Man’ available 1 June.

‘Preacherman’ tells the story of 1950’s black teenager Emmett Till who was brutally murdered by two white men in America.

With frequent news reports popping up in today’s society of racial attacks and injustice for black people, it’s interesting how the subject is spilling into the music scene and artists are using their voices to speak to fans and spread a message of peace and hope – take the ‘Peace Power Change’ video by Jose James for instance.

Speaking about ‘Preacherman’ and Emmett Till, Melody says; “It talks about his life, but more importantly it centers on the idea that racism is not dead. Sixty years ago he died, the same way that Trayvon Martin died – for nothing – and to put it plainly, I’m tired of it. The lyrics recount this young boy’s story, as it deserves to be told and remembered, but more importantly the song also begs the question ‘How many times do we have to repeat ourselves before we learn from our mistakes?…The profound nature of our existence is that we are able at any moment to connect to anyone, anywhere. History is there to remind us of how far we’ve come, and every day our journey is to continue with that progress of becoming more wise, more compassionate and more considerate human beings. Remembering Emmett Till through song is a way to remind people that there is no need to continue with senseless crimes. Race and racism do not go hand in hand. We are only one race: human.”

After learning of Melody Gardot’s plans to honor Emmett in song and video – his family became heavily involved in the project with the film being shot by renowned cinematographer and director Calum Macdiarmid and shot on location in Mississippi.

…We must forgive to move forward, but we must never forget our history…

The Emmett Till Foundation stated, “Melody Gardot’s tribute to the legacy of Emmett Till via the video, Preacherman and song, helps to take each of us on an important emotional journey back in history. Preacherman, sadly also raises our consciousness, as we witness the haunting tragedy of 14-year-old Emmett Till’s death on August 28, 1955. At the same time, Melody’s lyrics remind us of the many sons and daughters who, in more recent years have met a similar fate as Emmett…We must forgive to move forward, but we must never forget our history. The past is not past. We thank Melody for Preacherman and for remembering Emmett Till with such a timely and emotionally touching tribute!”

Watch the video below

Preacherman is out now, available to download here: Proceeds from the money generated by the music video will be donated to the Emmett Till Legacy Foundation

For more information on Emmett’s story please visit:

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Website: Melody Gardot

Facebook: Emmett Till Legacy Foundation

Make the Never Again Pledge at the “Never Again” Movement and Pledge Facebook page:

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