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Music Gateway LogoRecently I posted an article on Italian Soul Band ‘Camera Soul’ and their collaboration with US songwriter Kathryn Ballard-Shut. They’d never met and sent demos back and forth online until eventually the album ‘Not For Ordinary People‘ was born, but could there have been a better way? In answer Yes – with a new service by Music Gateway – the answer to online musical projects.

“So What is Music Gateway?”

It’s a global business platform for musicians to use, making online projects easier to manage and what’s more it was created by experienced musicians and industry professionals – the perfect people for understanding just what complications you may come across when trying to get a project off the ground.

Jon Skinner, Founder & CEO of Music Gateway says “I set about developing a platform which is simple to use…effective at generating opportunities and career development. I wanted to provide a system which handles the legwork and is targeted at getting you connected to the right talent for your project.”

As more and more of us take advantage of the internet for its freedom, Music Gateway offers a safe haven for projects to take place by removing time consuming issues and offering security, unique tools and multiple work opportunities. So if you’re a musician looking for a singer – a singer looking for a co-writer or a musician looking for sessional work, Music Gateway can put you in contact with the right people AND furthermore it’s FREE to set up an account!

Could this be what musicians are looking for? I spoke to a few friends to find out their thoughts on the service.

Andrea Van Dyck – Singer/Songwriter, London – Music Gateway is a great site, very useful, I’d use it!”

Adam Dunning – Singer/Songwriter, Australia – “A superb resource, this site’s amazing for offering everything the artist needs to carry out a commercially effective touring campaign on an international scale.”

Mycah Chevalier – Singer/Songwriter, USA – “…good site for people looking to network and work with other producers”

Damien Dsoul Smith – Singer/Songwriter, London – “This website is definitely something I’d use. It covers everything up and coming artists need to break into the industry and turn a hobby into a career.”

“Stay in Control”

Users have the choice of registering for a free or Pro account. After setting up your credentials and posting your project details, all that is left to do is sit back and wait for potential partners to come to you, it really is that simple to start that project you’ve always wanted to.

As project owner with Music Gateway, you are in control of who you work with. Each project is provided with a secure work space area for managing audio and project files with co-workers and if there are fees involved – this is only payable once a project is finished and both parties are happy.

“Try it Out”Music-Gateway-Launches_900

Music Gateway is like no other music service. Yes we are a business platform, but we are not like LinkedIn. We support your career, but we do not sell, distribute or promote your music directly to the public like so many other sites. We help to break down barriers that hinder career development by empowering individuals and companies.”

“It’s important to remember that making music is what drives us and millions of other people each and every day, with the help of my team, we will help make that journey a damn sight easier” Jon Skinner – Founder & CEO

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