Happy by Pharrell Williams

Pharrell Williams has just launched the world’s first 24hr music video to go along with his new song ‘Happy‘ for the film Despicable Me 2.

There must be something in the smiley faces of the performers and the songs hand claps that makes for compelling viewing. As you watch, you yourself can’t help but rock your feet.

Having sat through 3 hours of people free-styling in schools, churches and whilst walking down a street, sadly I could stand to see no more constant pirouetting. This could have been a fantastic video had there been more action and some surprises along the way. So far the highlights for me are;

2:12am Tattoo’d bloke dancing
2:40am Double jointed boy
4:32pm Adorable kid with huge afro following dance instructions
4:40pm Minion dancing
7:04pm Woman and puppet
7:36pm Guy dancing on stilts
8:44pm Woman dancing in the supermarket (actually reminds me of myself)

If you can sit through 24hrs of this video please get in touch and tell me which bits stood out for you.

Visit http://24hoursofhappy.com/

Let me know what you think?

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