Honey Wine by Rajdulari

RajdulariI love the debut album ‘Honey Wine‘ released earlier in the year by US artist Rajdulari.

Honey Wine‘ serves up a blend of Jazz, Latin and Soul, making for a potent, sweet and intoxicating album. Rajdulari’s voice enchanting the listener as she sings of Love and Empowerment.

There’s something about this album that reminds me of Jill Scott and the great Dianne Reeves, specifically in the songs ‘Honey Wine’ and ‘Wish You Were Here’. “…You swept me in and stole my heart…” she sings on ‘Me & You’ an effect that will ring true to listeners of this album.

Honey Wine‘ is a strong debut from Rajdulari, who aspires to win a Grammy with her next album ‘Journey Of A Woman‘ due for release in 2014 – a dream which needn’t be a dream if her latest single Natural is anything to go by.

To learn more about this beautiful songstress visit www.rajdulari.com for now I’ll leave you with the album’s title track ‘Honey Wine’