Musicvein Reader Review – Mario Biondi at Ronnie Scotts

Welcome to one of the new features I have planned for this year – Musicvein Reader Reviews.

Each week, I’ll be posting feedback from fans who have been to see a Singer or Band live and want to tell the whole world about their experiences – good and bad!

This week’s Musicvein Reader Review comes from Louise Edwards, a Sports Center Manager from Buckinghamshire. Earlier this month Louise and her husband visited Ronnie Scotts Jazz Club in London, to see the Italian artist Mario Biondi, here’s what she had to say.

“I discovered Mario Biondi last year after hearing his music being played on Jazz FM. As soon as his album ‘Sun’ was released I rushed out to make a purchase and haven’t stopped listening to it since!

Mario’s voice is in a class of its own, there are very few people who you could compare it to. I find his music very easy listening and it’s great for sing along to. The musicians he uses are second-to-none and the instrumental arrangements and harmonies are just incredible, there’s simply nothing not to like – so I was incredibly excited to see Mario live at Ronnie Scotts.

The gig was fabulous. Ronnie Scotts is a wonderful place and just perfect for intimate gigs. The staff were warm and friendly, not at all over bearing which meant my husband and I enjoyed a very nice meal and drinks. The support band, the Ronnie Scotts All Stars, did a fantastic job of warming up the audience and it was wonderful to see and hear a clarinet being  played instead of the usual saxophone.

I have visited Ronnie’s many times in the past and know that it can sometimes be a difficult place to play, but it was great to see the place packed out for Mario. As it was a Friday night, I did get the impression that a lot of people were at the club as ‘Ronnie Scotts‘ is a cool place to hang out and it wouldn’t have mattered who was playing. I also expected the demographic to be a little younger – but then Mario Biondi does appeal easily to everyone.

My highlights were the first couple of songs played, ‘Shine On’ and ‘Come To Me’ . It was then that I knew we were in for something special from Mario. I loved the fact that the songs were pretty much arranged and performed in the same order as on his albums and I was left spellbound as Mario sang ‘Something That Was Beautiful’ a song penned for him by Burt Bacharach.

Mario’s 75 minute performance was sensational, he worked hard to interact with the audience but with the exception of a few of us who were clapping, dancing and singing at the top of our voices, I didn’t think the audience members lapped it up as well as I had expected. The musicians supporting Mario though were amazing throughout and in particular the guitarist Michele Bianchi. Overall I enjoyed the more funky Latin tracks the most, Mario sounding as great live as he does on the albums which was a real plus point and to me the sign of a great musician. 

My one major disappointment – and this is a biggie – was that there was no encore! Mario finished the set with ‘This Is What You Are’, followed  by a standing ovation that seemed to last for at least five minutes, before the lights went up and the whole experience was over. That point was such an anticlimax for me, I would have loved for him to return to the stage.

Still, I would definitely recommend Mario live in concert. His voice suits a variety of genres – Soul, Jazz, Latin and Funk and his performances both live and recorded have an amazing feel-good factor. If you are looking for something easy to listen to and like the albums, you simply can’t go wrong.

I am certainly hoping to see Mario Biondi perform again as soon as I can – this time a longer show and in a bigger venue.”

Thanks to Louise for this brilliant review of Mario Biondi’s concert, I certainly wished I was there but it’s great to hear the views of others.

If, like Louise, you would like us all to hear about a live event you’ve been to, get in touch;

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