Francesca Romana’s New Album Campaign

Francesca Romana - So Close To YouIn 2011 Francesca Romana set about recording her debut album ‘Travelling’ between her stays in London and home country of Italy. The end result in 2012 was a beautiful album that blended rhythms of Bossa Nova, Folk and Swing.

‘Travelling’ was greatly received by fans giving Francesca a much needed boost and assurance that her hard work was appreciated.

Even though Francesca has received offers from record labels, she chooses to remain an independent artist thus ensuring that the music she produces is close to her heart, not for the money and of the quality her fans have come to love.

‘So Close To You’ the album planned for release this year is in your hands and Francesca has turned to crowd-funding platform Indiegogo for help. Her mission is to raise $11,000, the bulk of this money going into recording the 10 track album, with the rest of the money raised being split between mastering, hiring musicians and producing the physical CD’s.

To support this project please visit Indiegogo and pledge as much as you can – there are some cool perks to be had! Even if you don’t have the money to donate now, by spreading the word to others and sharing the campaign, you will be doing Francesca a great deed.

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