Francesca Romana’s Indiegogo Campaign

Independent singer Francesca Romana is planning a new album 'Wind and Waves' for release this year and seeking backers to help release her work. The singer whose strong work ethics and passion has seen her proudly release the EP 'Travelling' (2012) and album 'So Close To You' (2014) set up a crowdfunding campaign through Indiegogo... Continue Reading →

Francesca Romana Announces New Album ‘Wind and Waves’

Italian independent artist Francesca Romana has announced today that her new album 'Wind and Waves' will be available later this year! Following on from her sassy previous offering 'So Close To You' I'm eager to hear what the ever progressing and diversifying artist has to offer. If you can't wait until later on in the year to... Continue Reading →

Fly Again – New video by Francesca Romana

New music video by Francesca Romana for her single 'Fly Again' from brilliant album 'So Close To You' - if you haven't read my review here's the link

So Close To You by Francesca Romana

'So Close To  You' the 3rd album by Francesca Romana,is one that must be listened to carefully over and over to fully absorb all the emotions and meanings being put forth. Here we have one of Francesca's most deeply autobiographical albums to date telling of raw emotions involved in relationships. Though songwriting comes easily to Francesca,... Continue Reading →

15 To Watch in 2015

If you thought 2014 was a magnificent year for artists and new music then I can't wait to see what this year has in store. Here's the Musicvein rundown of 15 artists who should be on everybody's watch-list for 2015!   In no particular order: 1) Juliette Ashby - The 'Lady Boss' of UK RnB... Continue Reading →

Francesca Romana’s New Album Campaign

In 2011 Francesca Romana set about recording her debut album 'Travelling' between her stays in London and home country of Italy. The end result in 2012 was a beautiful album that blended rhythms of Bossa Nova, Folk and Swing. 'Travelling' was greatly received by fans giving Francesca a much needed boost and assurance that her... Continue Reading →

Francesca Romana – Travelling EP review

Think dusty old Wild West towns with a lively saloon bar and you'll begin to understand the 'spirito de butteri' (spirit of the cowboy) evoked in this EP by Italian songstress, Francesca Romana. Entitled 'Travelling' and written during her stay in London 2011, the EP features Francesca on main vocals and guitar backed by her... Continue Reading →

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