So Close To You by Francesca Romana

‘So Close To  You’ the 3rd album by Francesca Romana,is one that must be listened to carefully over and over to fully absorb all the emotions and meanings being put forth.

Here we have one of Francesca’s most deeply autobiographical albums to date telling of raw emotions involved in relationships. Though songwriting comes easily to Francesca, I get the feeling that at times some of the songs would have been quite difficult to write for this album, as she delves into feelings of a torrid love affair  – one you know isn’t quite right but where strong animal magnetism keeps you returning like a yo-yo.

The album opens with title song ‘So Close To You’ – there’s something in the steamy, seductive soprano sax accompanied by the heart-beat of the electric bass that immediately lets the senses know just where  Francesca is going with this, “When you are so close to me, I just need to feel your skin…kiss me deeply…I will be your amazing queen.” she sings.

A dark mood arrives in ‘Falling Down’ which deals with losing love, when so much effort had been put in “…took a flight and came to you, just because you said you loved me…I was there for you to help, but you looked for something better…” This theme re-occurring on the album and in particular in the song ‘Rainy Day’ – with its pathetic fallacy in reflection.

But it’s not all doom and gloom, No, for Francesca shows her strong  and independent woman side with funky number, ‘You Won’t Put Me Down’ and my personal favorite ‘The Only One For Me (Not)’. I just love this song, not only for the sarcasm of the title but the bolshie lyrics and music. There’s a sexual charge, a burning of desires as you imagine releasing the inner dominatrix and feeling carefree. Yet this attitude doesn’t appear to stay as you listen to ‘My Trouble With You’ where we hear the tangoing lovers ultimately find that an ‘open relationship’ won’t work, as love comes and jealousy sets in.

The craft involved in making this album seem so personal and close to the feelings of millions, is a great talent of Francesca Romana’s – one that she’s been honing for a number of  years.

‘So Close To You’ will be a brilliant addition to any Blues, Funk, Folk and Indie music collection and available to download now from iTunes, Cdbaby and Amazon

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