Francesca Romana – Travelling EP review

Francesca RomanaThink dusty old Wild West towns with a lively saloon bar and you’ll begin to understand the ‘spirito de butteri’ (spirit of the cowboy) evoked in this EP by Italian songstress, Francesca Romana.

Entitled ‘Travelling‘ and written during her stay in London 2011, the EP features Francesca on main vocals and guitar backed by her canorous quintet; Nick Walters – trumpet, Francesco Lo Castro – guitar, Jack Lowe – double bass, Federico Rios – hand percussion and Carlos Fuentes on drums.

Galloping off with ‘A Blue Flower’ Francesca takes the listener on a musical journey through the outbacks, accompanied by Nick on trumpet to give the song a Spanish Mariachi feel which then continues on the track ‘Off Site’. Reining the music in to a canter, Francesca’s voice becomes subtle and romantic with a hint of meloncholy as she sings ‘Le Solitudini’ and the brilliant ‘You Got Me’.

Influenced by Bossa Nova rhythms, Swing and Folk-pop, Francesca’s fabulous and independently produced EP – which was written and arranged by herself – features songs sung in both English and Italian and is available for download from iTunes.

For more information on Francesca Romana and where to catch her playing live, follow her on twitter @chiccafabris.

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