100 Songs 100 Days: Day 4 – Consuelo Velazquez

Music Challenge Day 4: Consuelo Velazquez - Besame Mucho Consuelo Velazquez was a name unknown to me until a couple of years back yet her song 'Besame Mucho' had haunted me for years. Before the birth of Youtube and other online streaming services, I heard her song on the Radio. I remember hearing the beautiful … Continue reading 100 Songs 100 Days: Day 4 – Consuelo Velazquez

The Sun Lounge with Adam Dunning

  Introducing my favorite new podcast 'The Sun Lounge' hosted by singer/songwriter Adam Dunning. Produced between Australia and the UK, each week, the cool Bossa/Surf Jazz artist, brings you a thirst-quenching show of unsung heroes in the music world, featuring the likes of Nicola Conte, Barbara Mendes, Alessandro Magnanini and Lisa Ekdahl. Whilst these names … Continue reading The Sun Lounge with Adam Dunning

Francesca Romana’s New Album Campaign

In 2011 Francesca Romana set about recording her debut album 'Travelling' between her stays in London and home country of Italy. The end result in 2012 was a beautiful album that blended rhythms of Bossa Nova, Folk and Swing. 'Travelling' was greatly received by fans giving Francesca a much needed boost and assurance that her … Continue reading Francesca Romana’s New Album Campaign

The Secret History of Bossa Nova

BBC World Service documentary on the influences behind Bossa Nova music. "Presenter Monica Vasconcelos, herself a bossa singer, travels to Rio to meet musicians that were part of the original bossa scene - Joyce and Marcus Valle, Eumir Deodato and music writer Ruy Castro."

Single Review – Holiday by Adam Dunning & Tash Parker

' Holiday' is the latest single to be released by my favourite Bossa nova artist Adam Dunning, collaborating with the beautiful Folk singer Tash Parker. It's hard not to get caught up in feelings of nostalgia as you listen to the accordion playing in this song, recalling the excitement of ferry crossings from Dover to … Continue reading Single Review – Holiday by Adam Dunning & Tash Parker

Francesca Romana – Travelling EP review

Think dusty old Wild West towns with a lively saloon bar and you'll begin to understand the 'spirito de butteri' (spirit of the cowboy) evoked in this EP by Italian songstress, Francesca Romana. Entitled 'Travelling' and written during her stay in London 2011, the EP features Francesca on main vocals and guitar backed by her … Continue reading Francesca Romana – Travelling EP review

Single Review: ‘Happy New Year’ by Adam Dunning

Review of the track, 'Happy New Year' the first of many to be released from Adam Dunning's second album 'Glass Bottom Boat'. As we enter the time of year when artists rush to release their mediocre songs for the festive period, each one jostling to have theirs crowned the Christmas Number One single, cue the … Continue reading Single Review: ‘Happy New Year’ by Adam Dunning