The Sun Lounge with Adam Dunning



Introducing my favorite new podcast ‘The Sun Lounge’ hosted by singer/songwriter Adam Dunning.

Produced between Australia and the UK, each week, the cool Bossa/Surf Jazz artist, brings you a thirst-quenching show of unsung heroes in the music world, featuring the likes of Nicola Conte, Barbara Mendes, Alessandro Magnanini and Lisa Ekdahl.

Whilst these names might not be on a tip of everyone’s tongue, Adam’s extensive knowledge of music and personal connection with a lot of the artists gives you a great introduction to their works and passions.


The Sun Lounge also packs in news and interviews on Films, Festivals and Travel Destinations.

So make sure you grab a moment to yourself every Sunday, sit back, relax and be whisked away to an exotic place in your mind with Adam Dunning.

The Sun Lounge can be downloaded now from iTunes, Stitcher and TuneIn Radio or click the link to listen to The Sun Lounge Ep.5

Let me know what you think?

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