Francesca Romana’s Indiegogo Campaign


Independent singer Francesca Romana is planning a new album ‘Wind and Waves’ for release this year and seeking backers to help release her work.

The singer whose strong work ethics and passion has seen her proudly release the EP ‘Travelling’ (2012) and album ‘So Close To You’ (2014) set up a crowdfunding campaign through Indiegogo with the aim of raising $10,000 towards the cost of producing ‘Wind and Waves’.

“Wind and Waves the project is ten songs in a folk-jazz style,” says Francesca “sung mainly in Italian, except for ‘Perfect Time’. The goal of this crowdfunding campaign doesn’t cover all the expenses of recording, mixing, mastering, graphics and printing a whole album complete with booklet, it’s quite a big project but I like challenges and risks…Do you want to be on board with me?”

Although in Italian, ‘Wind and Waves’ will include original writings, excerpts from Francesca’s poems and short writings translated into English, the accompanying 40 page album booklet will also feature professional colour photographs pertaining to her songs.

With several levels of perks to donating towards the albums finalization, A $10 contribution  e.g. will see the beneficiary receive an mp3 download of ‘Wind and Waves’ before the release of the physical copy, while $100 contribution will see you receiving signed copies of all 3 of Francesca’s albums (shipping costs included) AND a personal ‘Thank You’ in the album liner notes.

To read more about the campaign or to make a contribution visit

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