Get On This Ride by George Simpson

Get On This Ride - album coverSometimes you listen to an album, wince and think “…Hmmm where will this fit in? Is it an underground sound? Will people get the message the artist is trying to convey?” but I have to say that ‘Get On This Ride’ by George Simpson has no such problems there.

Journeying on from the fun ‘Playing For Strangers’ album, what we arrive at here is a more grown up sound with songs that seem to come more from life experience.

‘Get On This Ride’ embarks with the high-speed club track ‘Veto’. A song about being denied a second chance – Veto being the Hindi word to forbid, I can definitely see this track having rotation on DJ set lists.

I really love the dark and distressing message inside ‘The Bottle’ – a tale of wrestling demons and seeking solace in drink, a place where many have been. Although it’s not electro-pop in genre there’s still something 80’s, a little bit Boy George and Spandau Ballet-ish about this track and ‘Now or Never’ that has me playing them over and over again.

George Simpson loves his power ballads and title track ‘Get On This Ride’ is simply brilliant. Positive, thought-provoking and uplifting, backed by orchestral strings and an ethereal gospel choir, this has to be his finest ballad to date.

As with ‘Playing For Strangers’ there just isn’t a track I’d skip on this album, each carefully crafted song has a little bit of magic about it and crosses genres smoothly without becoming a jumbled mess. ‘Take ‘Love Will Find You’ for instance with its commercial reggae/pop vibe, not one I expected to find on the album but a hidden gem non the less. But I certainly couldn’t end this review without touching on ‘It’s Our Lives’ another song I absolutely adore. It’s a song for summer parties and barn dances, folk and Gypsy in style – it’s the one that makes you feel young and in love again.

Not due for release until 16th Feb 2015 I certainly can’t wait to download ‘Get On This Ride’ an outstanding album by George Simpson.

If you fancy attending the album launch link the following link for the Facebook event



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