Midlands Musician George Simpson Makes Country Debut

After a 2 year hiatus in releasing music, Midlands musician George Simpson is back with new Country single 'Finding Myself'. A fork in the road during 2015 saw George take time out to recollect his thoughts and take on a new direction in his music. Listening to previous songs, 'It's Our Lives' in particular (Get... Continue Reading →

Moving On with George Simpson

It's been over a year since award winning Leicestershire singer/songwriter George Simpson released album 'Get On This Ride'. Now with a new single released just last week, a tour which includes a night at infamous Jazz club Ronnie Scotts and a Crowd Funding Campaign on the horizon - Musicvein had to sit whirlwind George down... Continue Reading →

Freed Songbird Makes Melton Debut – Luke Whiteman At The Noels Arms

Living in the small rural town of Melton Mowbray, Leicestershire, not a lot goes amiss when it comes to town talk and gossip. One such person to be on the receiving end of a lot of talk recently is Melton man Luke Whiteman and for once the talk is all positive which comes as a... Continue Reading →

George Simpson – The Bottle

Well kicking off the New Year as I mean to go on, the first live gig attended was put on by the ever popular George Simpson at the Noels Arms Pub - Melton Mowbray. The once dreary Sunday afternoon's in the small market town are now becoming quite popular since Jo Bowtell and Craig Langton took... Continue Reading →

UK Blog Awards – Still Time To Vote For Musicvein

"I can no other answer make but thanks, and thanks and ever thanks" Twelfth Night by William Shakespeare Wednesday 3rd December sees voting close for the best blog of Arts & Culture in the UK Blog Awards. Yours truly has been nominated for this award and I am speechless (for once) by the support, messages of luck... Continue Reading →

Get On This Ride by George Simpson

Sometimes you listen to an album, wince and think "...Hmmm where will this fit in? Is it an underground sound? Will people get the message the artist is trying to convey?" but I have to say that 'Get On This Ride' by George Simpson has no such problems there. Journeying on from the fun 'Playing... Continue Reading →

Playing for Strangers by George Simpson

 "Like a supersonic boom!" George Simpson aims to blast into the UK Charts with debut album "Playing for Strangers." Full of great up-tempo guitar based songs, broken up by a power ballad or two - this Indie-pop album is guaranteed to be played over and over again. Singer, Songwriter and Musician George, who spent the last... Continue Reading →

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