Moving On with George Simpson


It’s been over a year since award winning Leicestershire singer/songwriter George Simpson released album ‘Get On This Ride’.

Now with a new single released just last week, a tour which includes a night at infamous Jazz club Ronnie Scotts and a Crowd Funding Campaign on the horizon – Musicvein had to sit whirlwind George down for a moment to catch a breath!

MV: It’s been over a year since ‘Get On This Ride’, so just what have you been up to? 

GS: “I’ve been writing lots of songs to be honest. After the promoting of the last album faded out, I decided it was time to move on and get back to the writing side of things.”

MV: So are you any closer to an album and what can we expect?

GS: ” Yeah I actually am! I released ‘Move On’ last week a single which will be on the album. This new LP will feature more of an organic sound, less pop and with a Country twist – it’s a different direction to the other albums I’ve released. This time I wanted to produce something more indie, heartfelt, I’ve experimented with more session musicians and I’m really excited about how it’s turning out.

I plan on getting the album released in March next year but from past experience I know it ends up being a very costly exercise. I love the fan base that I’ve built up and feel the appreciation for my music but there’s only so many times you can tap into the people in your home town! More often than not, you plug away at making the music, you market it, play live – all of which I absolutely love – but when people only listen to you on a streaming site then it seems like a really expensive hobby!” (he laughs)

So I’ll be on putting together a Crowd Funding Campaign in November for the new album. The campaign will feature some really cool gifts from signed CD’s, to front row seats at shows, private gigs and more. I’d just like the people who enjoy my music to invest in me and I can in return produce something great for them”.

MV: Tell me about the new single ‘Move On’ and what/who inspired it? 

GS: “I wrote ‘Move On’ about a year ago as one of my close friends passed away. We shared the same birthday, school, played the same sports and just grew up together. His name was Jon Taylor and when he died it was the first time I had ever lost a friend. Yes I had lost grandparents and knew of people who had gone but never lost a friend and it hit me, really, really hit me in a totally different way. In the weeks after Jon’s passing, I had lots of things going through my head and just sat down at my piano to try and write about it, comprehend the feelings I was going through. I played the song at his funeral and it was hard to play but it went down really well.

‘Move On’ shows a different side to my music, it’s melancholic, not the type of song I would normally write but Jon pushed that side out of me. I was touched when Dean Jackson of BBC Introducing played my song on air – ‘Move On’ is my lasting tribute to Jon Taylor.”

MV: So going back to the album, who have you collaborated with?

GS: “Erm a couple of people, with ‘Move On’ I collaborated with a singer/songwriter from Leicester called Martha Bean. I just love her, I think she has such an angelic voice. Sarah Bird is another singer/songwriter from Leicester who will appear on the album as well.

 MV: Who would you like to work with in the future?

GS: Daniel Duke, I love his style of writing, it’s Country/Folk which I love. I imagine his voice really working with my music but I’m so used to working on my own that I’m not sure who I’d work with. That is something that I will explore more in 2017, I have so many unfinished songs that it would be great to blitz through them with different people and get their spin on it. Jason Mraz – he’s one of my hero’s – perhaps I’ll work with him.”

MV: I hear you’ll be at the iconic jazz club Ronnie Scotts! How does it feel to be going to such a musical mecca? 

GS: “Amazing! I just can’t wait! I’m just getting over the weekend, off the back of six days of singing so I feel a little croaky but it’ll be fine. I’ve never been to Ronnie Scotts and I just imagine that the sound is going to be great and the audience very appreciative – it’ll be a fantastic experience.”

MV: Where else will you be heading? 

GS: “Next week I’ll be at the Jam House in Birmingham. Ben Drummond a musician himself hosts the night and it’ll be brilliant – the Jam House is a great venue – I can’t recommend it enough.”

MV: So after that what’s next?

GS: “Well I’ve set the date for my album launch! It’ll be 18th March 2017 at Melton Theatre! I’ve decided that I’ll still play the songs I’ve written even if I can sell the album – so make sure you get the date penned in your diary! and finally I’d also just like to Thank everyone for their continued support”.

You can catch George Simpson at Ronnie Scotts, London tonight Tuesday 20th September

Ab Kettleby Lakes, Melton Mowbray – Wednesday 21st September

The Jam House, Birmingham – Tuesday 27th September

For more information visit

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