Freed Songbird Makes Melton Debut – Luke Whiteman At The Noels Arms


Living in the small rural town of Melton Mowbray, Leicestershire, not a lot goes amiss when it comes to town talk and gossip.

One such person to be on the receiving end of a lot of talk recently is Melton man Luke Whiteman and for once the talk is all positive which comes as a surprise to many.

Up until recently Luke, a former boxer, had spent much of his life at Her Majesty’s pleasure having lost his way during his youth. It wasn’t until his last 2 year stint that he returned to his love of creating poetry, learnt to play the guitar and honed his skills on writing songs.

Determined to make a better life for himself and his children, once freed Luke began to demonstrate to family and close friends his new found passion. The support he received led him to upload a Facebook video of a song entitled ‘My Town’ which gained much attention from friends and locals surprised at this hidden talent. Local award winning musician George Simpson saw the video and invited Luke to make his debut performance at his next show being held at the Noels Arms.

Musicvein caught up with Luke before the show to find out more.

MV: How are you feeling about tonight?

LW: “Well this is my first ever gig and I’m honestly crapping it but I’m also really excited to be playing here for my first show. My mum and dad used to drink here (Noels Arms) and my dad played music on their stage so it feels like a nice place to start – I only wish my dad could have been here. The Noels in my opinion is one of the best pubs for live music in Melton Mowbray. All week I’ve been well excited about performing and now I’m nervous, cause to be honest, I’m not the best singer but I really want to perform and let people hear my songs. I heard George Simpson and Daniel Duke warming up earlier and they are amazing! I just feel like a little fish in a huge pond right now.”

MV: What will you be performing tonight?

LW: “I’ll be will be playing some of my favorite songs by Ed Sheeran, Passenger and Paulo Nutini as well as three original songs – at least I might not mess those ones up” he laughs

MV: I’m sure you’ll be fine Luke. Now, you’ve got a reputation around town, what do you want to say to people who know you or those who’ve already formed opinions of you?

LW: “People around town know me and know my past and people treat me based on my history. All I want to say is I’ve been in jail for the past two years where I learnt to play guitar and have found something to do that I love. I’m just asking for people to give me a chance, listen to the music, listen to the lyrics, come and talk to me and see I’m not the same person as before.”

MV: So what do you want to do next? 

LW: “I’d like to network with other musicians, I’m just starting out and George and Daniel are like famous people to me! I’d like to do more gigs and talk with other like-minded people and just succeed.”

Let me know what you think?

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