Midlands Musician George Simpson Makes Country Debut


After a 2 year hiatus in releasing music, Midlands musician George Simpson is back with new Country single ‘Finding Myself’.

A fork in the road during 2015 saw George take time out to recollect his thoughts and take on a new direction in his music. Listening to previous songs, ‘It’s Our Lives’ in particular (Get On This Ride album) hints that something was brewing in George’s compositions – so the move into Country music seemed a seamless transition.

OK, ‘Finding Myself’ is not Country music as we know it, with Steel pedal guitar or even that Country singing twang, but it’s easy listening, meaningful, simple and beautiful – what more do you need from a Country song?

‘Finding Myself’ is set for release, Friday 23rd February on all music platforms

If you can’t wait till then to hear the track – take a sneak peak at the video now!