UK Blog Awards 2015 – The Arts and Culture Shortlist

UK Blog Awards Shortlist – unfortunately this year the Musicvein blog did not get through to the finals booooo!

So how does this make me feel? actually great, I can cut down on the gallons of Chamomile tea I was guzzling down at night to combat my lack of sleep wondering if I’d get through 🙂

In honesty I am truly thankful to all who have taken the time out to vote for me, your messages of support have spurred me on to continue. When I started Musicvein back in 2012 I only had 1576 views, it took time to get my name out there and to build up a reputation but fast forward to 2014 and so far I have over 14,000 views for the year and more to come.

While my viewing figures may be nothing in comparison to other major music blogs out there, I still sit here quietly smiling and feeling damn good about the growth of Musicvein my baby.

There is so much more to come! Thank You for being on the journey with me and bring on 2015 – 4 years of Musicvein.

Congratulations to all who made it through, not just in the Arts & Culture category but all others too.

Below are details of the other blogs that were shortlisted for the 2015 UK blog awards – Arts & Culture category, perhaps you’ll find another exciting blog to follow.

Arts & Culture Company Shortlist    
Claire Meadows, After Nyne:
Gareth McTiffin, The London Event Organiser Blog:
Gary Collinson, Flickering Myth:
Gavin Bowick, The Red Dog Blog:
Jen Chapman, FACT Blog:
Lucy Basaba, Theatrefullstop:
Lynn Shepherd, The Romanticism blog:
Michelle Green, U.S. Studies Online: Forum for New Writing:
Patricia van den Akker, The Design Trust:
Rhys Stevenson, Global Metal Apocalypse:

Arts & Culture Individual Shortlist  
Alice Dunn, The Surrey Edit:
Craig, Fishink Blog:
Imo Babics, FilmAware:
Kim Forrester, Reading Matters:
Mark Rigney, Hookedblog:
Natasha Nuttall, Graphique Fantastique:
Robin Jarossi, CrimeTimePreview:
Simon Savidge, Savidge Reads:
Steven Blyth, Urban Kultur Blog:
William Lee Adams, Wiwibloggs:
Zarina Rimbaud-Kadirbaks, Dutch Girl in London:

Let me know what you think?

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