Chloe Ray ‘The Waiting Room’ EP

EP Cover‘The Waiting Room’ debut EP by UK singer/songwriter Chloe Ray is a beautifully magnetic collection of songs, deeply moving and telling of personal struggles, hope and survival.

Having just returned from New York where ‘The Waiting Room’ was mastered by Grammy nominee Emily Lazar, Chloe is about to embark on a promotional tour for its release.

I love the way in which she weaves a story, ‘New York’ sees Chloe stepping off a plane, feeling homesick and lonely in the big city, while ‘I Don’t Like Me’ is full of regret and hurt, you can really feel her pain through the slight strain of her soft voice.

The Waiting Room EP is available to order from iTunes now

Stay tuned to Musicvein for more information on this brilliant new artist.

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