Chloe Ray – Not Giving Up

Chloe Ray, in today's final installment of discussing the inspirations behind her songs, talks of her struggles with PTSD last year which led to her penning 'Not Giving Up'. MV: Chloe, 'Not Giving Up' has to be one of my faves from 'Reprise'. I love the strong Irish feel and the conviction felt in this... Continue Reading →

Chloe Ray – A Long Time Ago

This week London musician Chloe Ray gives Musicvein readers the background stories to her songs on new EP 'Reprise'. Yesterday we heard of her ode to great musicians of the past in her track 'The Bitter End' and today we learn more about 'A Long Time Ago'. MV: The 2nd track on your album, A... Continue Reading →

Chloe Ray – The Bitter End

  Yesterday, we heard about Chloe Ray's journey as an artist since releasing her debut EP last year - 'Waiting Room'. This year her follow up EP 'Reprise' entered the UK Singer/Songwriter Charts at No. 4 just behind Ed Sheeran! So what is it that made people warm to this EP? This week Chloe Ray... Continue Reading →

Chloe Ray – My Journey As An Artist

The last time Musicvein caught up with London musician Chloe Ray, she had just released her debut EP 'Waiting Room', was receiving much love from BBC Radio Stations and got herself adopted by various bars in New York! Hearing that Chloe had just released her second EP 'Reprise', gave Musicvein the perfect opportunity to pick... Continue Reading →

Musicvein Interviews Chloe Ray

Last week I posted a quick review on Chloe Ray's debut EP 'The Waiting Room' but just who is this new singer from London, and what makes her tick. Musicvein had a chat with the singer/songwriter to find out more. Tell me about your influences? "Well from an early age I sort of was interested in... Continue Reading →

Chloe Ray ‘The Waiting Room’ EP

'The Waiting Room' debut EP by UK singer/songwriter Chloe Ray is a beautifully magnetic collection of songs, deeply moving and telling of personal struggles, hope and survival. Having just returned from New York where 'The Waiting Room' was mastered by Grammy nominee Emily Lazar, Chloe is about to embark on a promotional tour for its... Continue Reading →

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