Chloe Ray – My Journey As An Artist


The last time Musicvein caught up with London musician Chloe Ray, she had just released her debut EP ‘Waiting Room‘, was receiving much love from BBC Radio Stations and got herself adopted by various bars in New York!

Hearing that Chloe had just released her second EP ‘Reprise’, gave Musicvein the perfect opportunity to pick up the phone and find out all about her journey as an artist.


MV: Miss Ray! Congratulations on the new EP! How do you feel your journey as an artist has been over the last year?

CR: “Yeah, well, my journey did digress a little I guess. I had great highs with my first release, I got a lot of airplay, went on the BBC which was extremely exciting and also played quite a lot over in New York. But at the same time I did go through post-traumatic stress, caused from a heavy incident I had with one of my friends who committed suicide. I realised that in sharing these emotional stories through song, I really hadn’t healed from the situation and it felt like my world was starting to come crashing down. Working on my new EP ‘Reprise’ helped with that stress, I kinda wrote it on the road and now I’m ready to share it with everyone.”


MV: Sorry to hear that Chloe, I’m glad you’ve come out the other side fighting. So with ‘Waiting Room’ being an emotional EP and the fact your new one is called ‘Reprise’, are we getting the same themes?

CR: “Well ‘Waiting Room’ dealt with a lot of stories that I had for a few years, while ‘Reprise’ has the same concept but comes from my personal journey. A reprise is usually a repeating of a passage or phrase in music – but I took it in the slant of how we go through the motions of life, especially with being a musician.  My personal reprise is that I went through a time when it was quite hard to be a full time musician whilst working as a teacher – a job I’d been doing for 11 years. I had my highs of the EP release, went through a low, now I’ve just literally handed in my notice to really make a go of being a full time musician and it’s all reflected within the EP. ‘Reprise’ tells stories of the people I’ve met along the way, how I felt last year touring and it ends on a positive with the last track entitled ‘Not Giving Up’ – it really summed up my situation in that, no matter what’s happening in my life and stuff, the ups and downs, it’s trying to overcome issues and trying to focus on what I’m doing – my music! When I wrote that song I kind of realised that it’s time for me to focus on it 100%”.

MV: And who have you been working with on this EP?

CR: “So been working with Barry Grint on this EP – let me tell you, he’s incredible! Barry is a UK based Master Engineer, he’s done a lot of work with loads of people. Andy Brook, the guy who produced this record, recommended him as I wanted someone from the UK this time. Barry’s worked with Prince, David Bowie, Oasis, Madonna, Paul Simon…loads of people! He’s won awards, worked on over 20 UK number 1 records and more than 100 UK Top 10 hits! It was unbelievably exciting meeting him and getting in the studio.”


MV: I can hear how excited you are! Do you feel that your music is more received in the States, here in the UK or is it balanced?

CR: “Both, it’s greatly received over there and really picking up here too. And although my songs are reflective of America – I guess that’s the only running theme in both EP’s – I don’t think that in any way stops people in the UK loving it. People relate to the themes behind the songs. I’m so grateful to the fans of my music because on releasing ‘Reprise’ I got to Number 4 in the Singer/Songwriter charts and that was mind blowing! I was sitting down, Ed Sheeran was number 1 while I was number 4! I was thinking Oh. My. God!”

MV: So what’s next?

CR: “Again I plan on doing a couple of festivals in the UK and now that I’ve given up my job, I’ll be spending a bit more time in the States touring and generally continuing my journey.”

‘Reprise’ by Chloe Ray is out now to buy on iTunes and Amazon

This week only on Musicvein, Chloe Ray talks exclusively about the tracks on her EP starting tomorrow with ‘The Bitter End’.


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