Does Your Band Have A Bio? – Musicvein Can Fix That

Musicvein Band Bio Services

“I’m a singer in an awesome band, check out our music here!”

OK so your Biography or that of your band may not be as sparse but you’d be surprised at how many emails I get through to Musicvein with a basic message such as this.

Out of interest I might click on a link (never want to miss an opportunity), I might like what I hear but imagine how disappointing it is for a writer to want to learn more, only to find a meager paragraph – it just doesn’t cut the mustard.

A writer needs to be equipped with key information, how long you’ve been in the trade, the style of music you reflect, your inspirations  – anything that stands you out from the rest.

Your biography needs to be sharp, waffle-less and entice the reader into delving further into your music. This after-all tells people you are a professional and serious about the job you’re doing. Simply thinking that your music can speak for itself can be a costly mistake.

That’s where Musicvein comes in. Perhaps you’re too busy to try and set down who you are and what you do, perhaps writing about others comes easy but when writing about yourself it seems boastful, you don’t know where to start…the list goes on and on!

Musicvein can take the hassle away and present you with a clean biography  for your website  or to send to industry professionals.

“So what can Musicvein do for me?”

We’ll have a chat about your background story in form of an interview, I’ll tease out the information required and create 2 bios for you – a short snappy one for social media and a longer one for your website or whoever asks for it.


For more information or to talk about your Bio email



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