Mad Times with El’Tee

El'tee (7)Last week Musicvein reviewed the single ‘Mad’ by El’Tee featuring ‘Temple’. Intrigued to find out more about the ex X Factor contestant, Musicvein tracked him down for an interview.

Here’s what 21 year old Luke Thompson aka El’Tee had to say.

“X Factor…It’s a platform at the end of the day, it’s helping artists…”

El’Tee – “Ah yeah, X Factor…” he begins “That’s a mad one, while I was gigging around London I got scouted for the show. I never intended to do the show but they asked me to do it so you know. It’s a platform at the end of the day, it’s helping artists no matter what people think. The judges are noticing you and want to give you a chance, I mean I did go into it thinking it was all fake blah blah blah but I actually learnt a lot and realised that you can succeed from the show.”

Musicvein – Wow that’s really surprised me, I wasn’t expecting you to be so positive about the show

El’Tee“I wouldn’t knock it and would definitely consider doing it again. For me it was a good experience, it is what it is.”

“The last two years is where I feel I’ve been born as an artist…”

Musicvein – So you sing and you rap, how did that all come about?

El’Tee – “Well when I was around 13/14 I found that I could actually sing, so I went into the studio and did my first song. I remember it was a little cheesy-pop number, (he laughs while reminiscing) but ever since then really I’ve been writing my own stuff and then free-styling. I got spotted by someone who is now my manager, we worked on an EP last year and now here I am with my new single ‘Mad’.

Musicvein – So it seems like things have kind of snowballed for you

El’Tee – “Yeah, it’s all mad at the moment to be honest. The last two years is where I feel I’ve been born as an artist and fully grown into who I am today.”

Musicvein – How do you go about creating a track – Mad for instance?

El’Tee – “In general, I just start with the beat. When I was growing up as I said I did a lot of free-styling so everything just comes to me naturally. So I just hear the beat, vibe that, sing some melodies and build it up from there with my team. For ‘Mad’ I came up with the hook and chorus, then Temple did her thing. Creating the track is all a bit of a blur to me really, we just kind of sat back afterwards and thought – did we just make that!”

“…I make music that I want people to hear, not what people want to hear me sing…”

Musicvein – That’s madness! OK so what inspires you to create music?

El’Tee – “Life experiences, things I’m going through in life in general. I make music that I want people to hear, not what people want to hear me sing. I feed off the energy around me, my family, friends and even people who have now made it – that I used to listen to before they blew up!”

Musicvein – Tell me about working with Temple

El’Tee – “Ah Temple! She’s an amazing artist. She was in X Factor a couple of years back as well, we got on really well through our experiences of the show. When people hear ‘Mad’ they’re gonna enjoy it.”

“I’d want to work with a rapper – someone like Migos…”

Musicvein – Is there anyone in particular you’d like to work with in the future?

El’Tee – “To be honest it would be an honour for anyone wanting to work with me. There are lots of artists I’d want to work with, so many avenues to explore but I’d say cause I’m more a singer, I’d want to work with a rapper – someone like Migos or maybe even Ariana Grande, I love Ariana .”

So there you have it, El’Tee, a humble rising star from Essex doing his thing. I think this guy’s definitely one to keep an eye on for the future.

‘Mad’ the new single by El’Tee is out now on all platforms to buy.

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