Kandace Springs: Don’t Need The Real Thing – new single out now

kandace2Here at Musicvein we’re loving the new release by Kandace Springs, ‘Don’t Need The Real Thing’ out now on Blue Note/Decca Records.

The single is taken from her soon to be released album ‘Indigo’ where Kandace transcends genres and expectations in a way we have never heard from her before.

The video of Kandace’s new single depicts her in a same-sex relationship, having a heated argument with her partner on a deserted road, Kandace’s sultry vocals interweaving between the tropical beats of the song.

‘Indigo’ is set for release on 7th September, Kandace says of the album that it all boils down to a question that connects past to present; “What would Nina Simone do if she had the technology of today? You could never put Nina in a box – she would do a blues followed by a classical piece, a jazz standard and then a Beatles cover. This LP took a lot of inspiration from that – it’s a mix of everything that I am.”

Let me know what you think?

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