Musicvein Review: Unbridled & Ablaze by Zialand

Zialand2‘Unbridled & Ablaze’ is the third album by Norwegian artist Zialand.

By the album’s title I was expecting power ballads, big ballsy statement pieces that culminate in a dramatic blaze of glory, however what we find are glowing embers of the past, with songs toing and froing between love, vulnerability, solace and heartache. Zialand‘s voice swirling around the chords, luring in the listener.

‘Unbridled & Ablaze’ seems like the closing of chapters, the end of an era before Zialand brings forth her emancipated self.

With cinematic-folk scores highlighting the highs and lows of each composition, you need only close your eyes to visualize the scenes set. Take the song ‘I Love You’, which showcases the torture felt of deeply loving yet hating someone, the song ‘Cleaved’ where you feel the longing to find that special someone – but the gospel tinged ‘Shelter’ and ‘Come Over’ without a doubt have to be my favorite songs on the album and once you listen to them you’ll understand why.

If you’ve listened to Zialand‘s past albums you’ll clearly recognise the change in direction for the artist, the metamorphosis, the emancipation.

‘Unbridled & Ablaze’ is available to order via her website Zialand

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