Musicvein Chats with Passive

North-London rockers Passive are the latest to emerge from the pool of young talent swelling in and around London.

After hearing their debut single ‘Anti-Romantic’ and latest follow-up ‘Like This’, Musicvein had to get the lowdown on the band.

Musicvein: Tell me who Passive are

Passive: “We’re Elliott Norman – Lead Singer/Rhythm Guitar, Philip Snowden – Lead Guitar, Josh Bunning – Bass and Matt Hunt on Drums.

Musicvein: Guys, I love your sound and Elliott, you sound a bit like Brandon Flowers from the Killers! So tell me who are your influences?

Passive: “Well Matt is a bit of an Oasis fangirl lol who got jealous at Josh for giving Liam Gallagher a lighter once! But seriously we’ve been lucky enough to see some great sets from our favourite bands over the years, bands like Peace, Radiohead, Wolf Alice, The Strokes and even John Mayer. We get a real buzz from seeing great live shows and always find it interesting how artists play their songs differently live – we’ve taken influence from that.”

Musicvein: An Oasis fangirl ‘ey? well high-five to you Matt cause so am I! So how would you describe your music?

Passive: “Erm, angsty or moody indie rock but we do have more chilled out songs too! ‘Like This’ for instance is a bit dreamy and bouncy. All in all, thick and creamy guitars with bellowing tom drums.”

Musicvein: Love that! Now tell me, how did it all begin for you guys, where did you meet?

Passive: “All four of us met in school and we’ve been playing together since the age of seventeen. Prior to this, we’d all been in different bands with other musicians but came together once recognising we enjoyed the sound we made together. It was only last July (2017) that we formally announced ourselves as Passive. We knew from early on that being in a band was what we wanted to do with our lives and we’ve played every gig possible since.”

Musicvein: What was your inspiration behind making the track ‘Like This’?

Passive: “Elliott wrote this one about a past relationship. Originally the song had a positive meaning – trying to do anything possible to fix a bad relationship. Upon reflection, Elliott may have been putting his head in the sand a little so we wanted the album art to represent this. The Burial of Atala by Anne -Louis Girodet de Roussy-Trioson, depicts a man who’s closing his eyes, gripping his partner’s legs and hoping for the best.”

Musicvein: It’s an inspiring work of art The Burial of Atala, so the picture inspired your album cover but what inspires you to create music in general?

Passive: “We just love having a jam, a few tinnies and end up writing together. Elliott and Matt are the heavier lyricists, but we try to sprinkle some musical chillis on the melting pot of madness!”

Musicvein: Do you have an EP coming out soon in 2019?

Passive: “Hopefully down the line in 2019 we’ll have an EP. For now there’s certainly a few singles to drop first. We have a lot of tracks that we’re excited to close up recording/mixing on.

We’re just going to focus on writing, recording and hopefully booking as many shows as we can!  We’re gonna hire a van, PA Kit and turn up at random pubs across the country! As long as we’re fed regularly, we’ll play anywhere lol “Men with ven” as some would say!”

And there you have it, an introduction to Passive, ones to watch in 2019! If you want to catch them before the years out – head down to;

The Horns, Watford – 18th December

The Camden Assembly, Camden – 22nd December

Trinity, Harrow – 31st December

And in 2019
The Dublin Castle, Camden – 10th January

Let me know what you think?

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